Infected IP

Your IP address ( was not found in the list of registered infected IP addresses

The infected IP - service is a data search system that CERT Lab have discovered and combine from many research centers and transformed into a single infected IP base. You will receive automatic notification of whether the IP address on your use is in the infected IP database.

If your IP address is in the infected IP database, you'll see a notification on your screen when you're signed in. By accessing the detailed Information section of the notification, you can access the timestamp of infected malware activity and its setting up by the sandbox.


  • The infected IP database reflects only the IP addresses of Azerbaijan and only Internet users in Azerbaijan can benefit from the service.
  • If you are a Dynamic IP address user, the infection may not apply to you. To check that the infection is yours, you need to meet the timestamp when the malware was active and setted up by the sandbox with the timestamp when that IP address was in your use.
  • If you are not an IP user during the infection, please inform the relevant Internet Provider about the infection.
  • What should be considered during the infection, what procedures should be implemented, and how to remove the malware? For more detailed answers please visit this link

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